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TRANSCOM agency is preparing for publication of the new 75 issue of СPEREVIZNYKТ advertising newsletter.

Object of the edition: to inform the cargo owners on the opportunities of transportation companies and organizations and to expand the circle of their partners in the market of cargo transportation; to inform the owners of vehicles on the opportunities of car service companies to expand the circle of their partners in the service market.

The newsletter is distributed free of charge:

1.              By direct mail among the cargo owners, business centers, wholesale depots, foreign representations and embassies, motor transportation enterprises, forwarding agencies;

2.              at request of the managers of exporting and importing companies interested in transportation of their cargoes;

3.              in the international, national, specialized and universal exhibitions.


Due to placing of YOUR information in the printed issue of the newsletter more than 15,000 potential customers will know about your company.

General data: format B5, volume Ц 76-80 pages, circulation Ц 15,000 copies.

Periodicity: newsletter Ц quarterly.

Appendix to the newsletter Ц monthly.


Placing your advertisement in the СPEREVIZNYKТ newsletter you are also being advertised on the Internet on the web-site www.pereviznyk.ua in the companies catalogue and in the newsletter electronic version; every day you read the operative information on the cargoes available and leave the information on your transport available.


Transcom also performs individual direct mail of advertising materials by request.

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