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      A firm TRANSKOM works on the market of transport-informative services 18 years.
       Basic directions of work of firm is   advancement on a transport market of ferrymen, autoservice firms, companies which carry out the sale of transport and companies, that povyazani with processing of loads, grant them of possibility of direct connection with the firms-owners of goods, professional dispatch and expansion of circle of their partners on the market of transportations. 
      To that end a firm TRANSKOM gives out a publicity-informative bulletin FERRYMAN TM, which free of charge spreads by direct address postal delivery (direct mail):
      - on the firms-owners of goods, centers of businesses, wholesale bases,
        foreign representative offices and embassies, motor transport enterprises,
         dispatch firms.;
      - on the order of leaders of enterprises of exporters and importers,
         own loads interested in transportations;
      - on the international, national, specialized and universal
      Publicity-informative bulletin FERRYMAN TM spreads on Kyiv, to the Kyiv area and on all of regions of Ukraine.
      The owners of goods, which are outside Ukraine, must possibility meet with information about the Ukrainian transport firms on the specialized site of www. pereviznik.com.ua

       At the same time, a firm TRANSKOM offers individual postal delivery of selling aids both together with a bulletin FERRYMAN TM and on a database on the order of client.

     For firms, which work on a transport market of Ukraine a firm TRANSKOM develops conceptions of publicity companies, offers marketings and representative services.

Contact information - Tel. : 044-503-72-38, tel. / Fax : 044-463-53-47,
e-mail: pereviznik@ukr.net, Address: Str. Svetlitskogo, 35, a / c 48, Kyiv, 04123.

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