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TRANSCOM agency publishes СPEREVIZNYKЩТ advertising newsletter.

Object of the edition: to inform the cargo owners on the opportunities of transportation companies and organizations and to expand the circle of their partners in the market of cargo transportation; to inform the owners of vehicles on the opportunities of car service companies to expand the circle of their partners in the service market.

The newsletter is distributed free of charge:

1.              by direct mail, Ukraine, among the cargo owners, business centers, wholesale depots, foreign representations and embassies, motor transportation enterprises, forwarding agencies;

2.              at request of the managers of exporting and importing companies interested in transportation of their cargoes;

3.              in the international, national, specialized and universal exhibitions.

General data: format B5 (160 x 220 millimeters), volume Ц 76-80 pages, circulation Ц 15,000 copies.

Periodicity: newsletter Ц quarterly. Appendix to the newsletter - monthly.

Published since 2001.

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